What You Should Do When You Are A Bi-Curious Woman

What You Should Do When You Are A Bi-Curious Woman

Are you currently experiencing just a little, uh, “bi-curious”В and do not understand what to accomplish about it?

Well, darling, you’ve visited the place that is right. I am right here, I am queer and I also’m prepared toВ provide bi-curious advice to any woman in need of assistance. And actually, who may haven’t been hungry for bi-curious advice at some point in their everyday lives?

I have floods of communications from girls requesting my help that is bi-curious every. They often can be found in just a little midnight that is afterВ whenever a woman is throwing and switching inside her bed, kept awake because of the demons of her complicated sexuality.

“we think i may like girls, but i am unsure. The way the HELL do we approach this, Zara? ” “I’m definitely interested in learning dating other girls, but like, i have never ever done it? How exactly does one even do it? ” “HELP, I THINK I MAY HAVE CRUSH ON A WOMAN, BUT I DO NOT KNOW IF I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF HER, OR HER. “

Oh, my sweet, bi-curiousВ kittens, we entirely have it. Our sex could be the foundation of our everyday lives. Whenever we’re feeling ungrounded inside our sex, we have been living our everyday lives on shaky ground.

Your lesbian sister that is big (me personally) once lived for the reason that

Territory, and damn did it screw with her (already fragile)В mental stability.

Hyper-sexual thoughts about girls started initially to flood my mind round the chronilogical age of tender chronilogical age of 12. I didn’t know very well what the hell it suggested. I thought boys were type of pretty, too; We also had kissed those hateful pounds and handled not to ever vomit.

But you discover how i truly identified my sexuality? I

Often, the only method to determine it out if you like something is to just try. Ditto happened certainly to me with oysters. I did not understand how We felt about oysters until I popped a salty, lush oyster during my lips.

Works out we fucking liked oysters. 继续阅读“What You Should Do When You Are A Bi-Curious Woman”